Dr. Morgan is a highly sought-after and top-rated speaker who will bring your event to life! Jayne’s gift lies in making the audience the star of the show. She will infuse her message with humor, audience interaction, and actionable take-aways. Her programs show you how enriching the work experience creates a culture where individuals thrive, teams succeed, and the organization fulfills its mission. Dr. Morgan’s keynotes all feature The Vacation Equation™ to illustrate her culture enrichment strategies.

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The Vacation Equation™

Jayne will customize her message based on your event, audience, and desired focus, whether it be on the self, team, or organizational level of leadership.

Work’s a Trip so Have a Ball! Find Joy on Your Journey

Imagine you are preparing to take an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime trip. You would identify a purpose, customize your itinerary, and get excited to complete your quest! Now, what if you were to approach your work experience in that way? You would create a role you engage with, excel in, and enjoy. The same freedoms people experience on vacation, like fun, freshness, and flexibility—are the same freedoms people need to find joy on the job. When you take charge of customizing your own work experience to create a place of joy, you will feel good and do your best work. Your team and your organization will certainly benefit. Most of all, you will enhance and improve your quality of life. Sound good? Then it’s time to create a Workplace Oasis™  and have a ball already!


ballFind gaps in your enjoyment factors and take steps to fill them

ballReignite passion and interest in accomplishing your best work

ballExperience work in a way that takes your talents to a new level

Program Details

Level of Focus: Self Leadership

Bottom Line Outcomes: Higher levels of achievement, creativity, fulfillment, and productivity

Audiences: Employees, employee groups, sole contributors, team members, general public

Perfect for: Association conferences, organizational events, public seminars, women’s conferences, employee celebrations

It’s Just Like Paradise! Lead Like You’re On Vacation

Ever stop to think what it would be like if people were as excited to go to work as they are to go on vacation? They would certainly be “all in” and give their best performance! People on vacation are engaged because they are free to design an experience that is both enriching and stimulating. Likewise, teams become engaged when they have the freedom to: concentrate their efforts on work that matters, use their talents to the fullest, explore creative solutions, and adapt to external circumstances. When people find joy in teamwork, they move past stagnation to innovation that propels the organization forward. Ready for a slice of paradise? Then create a Workplace Oasis™ that inspires amazing performance!


ballIntensify levels of team involvement and enthusiasm on work that matters most

ballSpur innovation to elevate the quality of team projects

ballInspire great performance by enriching the team experience

Program Details

Level of Focus: Team Leadership

Bottom Line Outcomes: Higher levels of engagement, innovation, synergy, and performance

Audiences: Leaders at any level, leaders and teams together, team members, intact work groups, departments or divisions, organizations with a team structure

Perfect for: Leadership development events, team-building events, team celebrations, association conferences or organizational meetings with a team focus

Wish You Were Here! Entice People to Stay on Your Island

Think of your organization as a destination. Is it like a premier island getaway where employees are excited and eager to go? By tapping into The Four Freedoms™ that enrich the work experience, you will create a desirable destination that employees find alluring. Providing a high quality of work life sparks joy and leads to higher levels of employee dedication to fulfilling the organizational mission. It all adds up to one enchanted environment where people are motivated to achieve excellence.  Hate to see top talent go? Then create a Workplace Oasis™ that entices people to stay and do their best work.


ballHeighten loyalty and commitment to the organizational mission

ballCreate an enticing environment that inspires people to do their best work

ballApply strategies to enrich the overall quality of work life for employees

Program Details

Level of Focus: Organizational Leadership

Bottom Line Outcomes: Higher levels of retention, motivation, dedication, and excellence

Audiences: Executives, business owners, HR professionals, administrators, visionary leaders, mixed groups of employees and managers

Perfect for: Executive leadership events, business owner conferences, organization-wide meetings, public seminars for multiple organizations

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