Dr. Jayne Zobel works with organizations that want to energize people and performance to heighten engagement, retention, and achievement. She created the Workplace Oasis™ blueprint to show individuals, leaders, and teams how self-engagement is the key to unlocking a culture of dedication and excellence. By maximizing six internal motivators at work, everyone can create a role they engage with, excel in, and enjoy.

Jayne is a top-rated speaker who enlightens and delights audiences nationwide. She founded her business 17 years ago with a mission to revolutionize organizational life so people can achieve their best work. Jayne has partnered with a diverse range of organizations in corporate, healthcare, government, and education sectors. Past clients include Tyson foods, Aegon insurance, Wheaton Franciscan hospitals, and Heartland Express trucking. She also worked full time for the City of Phoenix, Arizona, providing OD consulting and training solutions for the 13,000-member organization.

Jayne holds a Ph.D. in organizational communication from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She spent many rewarding years as an associate professor of Communication Studies at the University of Northern Iowa. At the same time, Jayne developed her proprietary model based on client experiences, consulting projects, and her knowledge of human motivation theories.

Originally from southwest Minnesota, Jayne is thrilled to be living in Sioux Falls, SD, so close to her parents and brothers. She expanded her family considerably when she married Scott in September, 2017, by becoming a stepmom to four adult daughters and a grandmother to 10 grandchildren! In her spare time, she teaches Shine Dance Fitness™ at a local studio. Jayne is an antique collector, home décor scouter, jewelry lover, double-bogey golfer, occasional fish catcher, and deck-sitting enthusiast.